Karatedo Shodo

Kau Kizu Tsubo - Buy the Scratched Pot 買う傷壷

Posted 10 Feb 2020

Buy the Scratched Pot — understand why we’d want to buy a damaged pot, the pursuit of perfection, and the dangers inherent in waiting for perfection.

Tōdaishita no mottomo kurai - Darkest Under the Lighthouse 灯台下の最も暗い

Posted 21 Jan 2020

Darkest Under the Lighthouse, Hardest to Look at Ourselves Closely.

Itaidoshin - Different Bodies, Same Mind 異体同心

Posted 11 Jan 2020

Different Bodies, Same Mind — highlighting the incredible power of unified thinking in oneself, in one’s relationships, and in all aspects of our lives.

Nen - Mindfulness 念

Posted 2 Aug 2019

Nen is mindfulness, the state and power of being in the now mind: a mind firmly centered in the present moment.

Nanakorobi Yaoki - Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight 七転八起

Posted 20 Jul 2019

Nanakorobi Yaoki means fall down seven times, get up eight times, and is an expression indomitable will of the karateka to persevere.