June Rank Test Results

Posted 8 Jul 2020

Results have been announced for the June 2020 Rank Testing, and are available at the dojo. Congratulations to all the karateka that successfully tested for a new rank!

The June 2020 Rank Testing was held on Saturday, June 27, 2020 and featured both adults and kids testing in their respective divisions.

Separate Testing Divions

Rank Testing is conducted based on division, with kids testing in the Junior, Youth, and Teen Divisions. Adults test separately in their own group.

Both Adults and Teens demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a written test, followed by a physical test. Kids in the Junior and Youth Divisions participate in a physical test only.

Announcement of Results

While kids who are successful receive their new belt or advanced stripe on the day of testing, Adults traditionally receive results about a week after testing. This gives karateka who test a time period to reflect on their progress, on testing itself, and on further polishing their karatedo while waiting for results.

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