New Special Needs Class Added

Posted 20 Oct 2019

Goju Karate is pleased to announce the addition of a new General Class for Special Needs students to our regular schedule.

The Special Needs General Class will be held every Wednesday at 2PM. In addition, on Wednesdays, the dojo will now open at 1:30PM instead of 3PM to accommodate all students.

(As always, if you’re a Goju student and would like to train on an unused part of the dojo floor, please remember to respect the class occupying the rest of the floor while you train on your own.)

The new Special Needs General Class is open to all adult and teen Special Needs students, including both visually-impaired and non-visually impaired students.

The Class Schedule on GOJUKARATE.COM has already been updated to reflect this change, and paper copies of the Class Schedule are available at the Front Desk.

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