Junior and Youth Class Start Times Updated

Posted 6 Sep 2019

The dojo has received feedback from existing and prospective student families with kids in the Junior and Youth programs, and as a result, the starting times for weekday classes in both of those programs has been moved back by fifteen minutes.

Fifteen Extra Minutes

Previously, weekday classes for Juniors (ages 4-6) began at 3:15PM. However, beginning Monday, September 9th, General Class for Juniors will begin at 3:30PM.

Similarly, weekday classes for the Youth (ages 7-11) division began at 4:00PM. However, beginning Monday, September 9th, General Class for Youth will begin at 4:15PM.

The change was made to give students arriving from school or other activities a little extra time to get to the dojo and prepare for their classes.

The Class Schedule on GOJUKARATE.COM has already been updated to reflect this change, and paper copies of the Class Schedule are available at the Front Desk.

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