New Heavy Bags Arrive

Posted 31 Jul 2019

Eight new heavy bags from Combat Sports have arrived at the dojo, ready to go for Endurance Class. The bags weigh (including hardware) about 110 pounds, and are designed to be tall enough, at six feet, to make it easy to practice full-body strikes including low-leg kicks.

Used at Advanced Training Gyms Worldwide

Combat sports heavy bags are used at many advanced training facilities worldwide, including many professional facilities for boxers and UFC competitors. They are especially popular with martial arts students because of their height: unlike many heavy bags, they approximate an adversary about six feet tall or more.

Combat Sports Heavy Bags at Goju Karate

The importance of their height cannot be underestimated. Many low-leg kicking techniques can’t be practiced on shorter bags, unlike Combat Sports heavy bags which do provide a realistic attack surface.

The bags are also stuffed with a custom mixture of textile and resilient plastic materials to provide a very solid “feel” while still offering some level of “give” to strikes. Besides offering a realistic feel, this mixture tends to reduce injuries from striking.

The heavy bags will be used in all Endurance Classes from this point forward, plus they are available fo individual student use when classes aren’t being held.

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