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Kagami Biraki: Starting a New Year

The history of Kagami Biraki, the traditional dojo New Year's workout by millions of karateka.

Why Free Fruit is Good Karatedō

Why Free Fruit is Good Karate: Our karatedo includes free fruit. Find out why, and why it should be part of yours.

Goju Karate is a Non-Profit Organization

A Bottle of Water Costs Only a Dollar?! Why Our Karatedō Dojo is a Non-Profit Organization


Columbus Day Weekend - Dojo Closed

Posted 27 Sep 2020

The dojo will be closed from Saturday, October 10th, to Monday, October 12th.

Labor Day Weekend - Dojo Closed

Posted 26 Aug 2020

The dojo will be closed from Friday, September 4th, to Monday, September 7th.

Karatedo Shodo

Kau Kizu Tsubo - Buy the Scratched Pot 買う傷壷

Posted 10 Feb 2020

Buy the Scratched Pot — understand why we’d want to buy a damaged pot, the pursuit of perfection, and the dangers inherent in waiting for perfection.

Tōdaishita no mottomo kurai - Darkest Under the Lighthouse 灯台下の最も暗い

Posted 21 Jan 2020

Darkest Under the Lighthouse, Hardest to Look at Ourselves Closely.

Sensei's Training Notes

Gasshuku - Reflection and Training

Posted 1 Aug 2020

The annual mid-year event observed by dojo everywhere is an opportunity for much reflection and training.

To Control (And Improve) Something, Measure

Posted 13 Aug 2019

Want to improve something? Create metrics and then constantly measure progress ...