Hykso Punch Trackers for Endurance Class

Wireless Hykso Punch Trackers become available for students; continual improvement meets bluetooth.

Why Free Fruit is Good Karatedō

Why Free Fruit is Good Karate: Our karatedo includes free fruit. Find out why, and why it should be part of yours.

Goju Karate is a Non-Profit Organization

A Bottle of Water Costs Only a Dollar?! Why Our Karatedō Dojo is a Non-Profit Organization

Dojo News

Junior and Youth Class Start Times Updated

Posted 6 Sep 2019

Starting times for Junior and Youth Classes modified to make it easier to attend weekday classes

Goju Students Invited to Compete in Turkey

Posted 29 Aug 2019

Goju Students Invited to Compete in Turkey at the International Turkish Open Grand Prix

Karatedo Shodo

Nen - Mindfulness 念

Posted 2 Aug 2019

Nen is mindfulness, the state and power of being in the now mind: a mind firmly centered in the present moment.

Nanakorobi Yaoki - Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight 七転八起

Posted 20 Jul 2019

Nanakorobi Yaoki means fall down seven times, get up eight times, and is an expression indomitable will of the karateka to persevere.

Sensei's Training Notes

To Control (And Improve) Something, Measure It

Posted 13 Aug 2019

Want to improve something? Measure it ...

Why We Don't Wear Jewelry on the Dojo Floor

Posted 31 May 2019

Ever wonder why we don't wear jewelry while training? Or what the rules are concerning what you can wear on the dojo floor?