Privacy Information

Goju Karate values and protects the privacy of our students, their information, and the privacy of visitors to our website.

Goju Karate values the privacy of our students, and any information about our students that we hold, as well as the privacy of visitors to our website.

We do not disclose any information that we collect in any way to any third parties outside the dojo. 

We do not collect any information about specific visitors to our website. We do collect anonymous information about things like popular pages, how long visitors spend on our website, and what kind of devices they use to view our website (we use "cookies" for that purpose). We do this because we are constantly improving our website and this information helps us do that.

We do not list the full names of students, either adult or children, on our website: we abbreviate last names with their first initials (e.g. "Jane Smith" is listed as "Jane S."). Any student can inform us at any time that they would like no mention whatsoever of their name on our website or any of our social media, and we'll honor that request immediately. 

And while we display photos and videos of our students at various events, if any student would prefer that a photo or video not be published or be removed, we will honor that request.