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Goju Karate Named Best Martial Arts School 2017

Out of nearly 200 martial arts schools of all types, sizes, and styles, Goju Karate was chosen as one of 2017's very best in the Bay Area by the industry-analyst website EXPERTIS… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/2017-best-dojo/

Goju Karate Movie Commercial Debuts

If you're going to the movies in Marin County in August and September, you'll likely see a very cool commercial after the "First Look" mini-feature and before the Coming Attractio… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/movie-commercial/

New Dojo Website

Goju Karate is pleased to announce the debut of the newly-redesigned GOJUKARATE.COM today. The new design replaces the original website which debuted almost one year ago. While… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/new-dojo-website/

Goju Karate Named Best Dojo in Marin County

It isn't often that both The Pacific Sun and The Bohemian reach the same conclusion. But in 2014, both newspapers have named Goju Karate as the Best Dojo in Marin County and the N… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/teen-endurance-class-july-2014-23/