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June Rank Testing and Promotions

Rank Testing for adults and kids occurs this month, on Saturday June 21st. Rank Testing for all adults and all kids' age groups occurs every two months at the dojo. On the day … http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/teen-endurance-class-july-2014-22/

Teen Endurance Class June 30

The monthly Teen Endurance Class will be held on Monday, June 30, 2014. On the last Monday of every month, the Olympics Training Program class at 5PM is joined by a Teen Endura… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/teen-endurance-class-july-2014-21/

Full Class Schedule Starts June 17

The full schedule of classes (currently 51 classes are on the weekly schedule) will begin on June 17th, 2013, starting with the first General Class at 7:15AM on the morning of the… http://gojukarate.com/dojo/dojo-news/shibu-classes-ending-february-2013-2/

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