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Hit the Hidden Target

Iru Fumei Teki [Pronounced “ee-roo foo-may tek-ee”] Iru Fumei Teki means to “hit the hidden target” — a perspective that urges us to seek the path less-traveled because it o… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/hit-hidden-target/

Be a Master Artisan

Shokunin [Pronounced “show-koo-nin”] Shokunin is a “master artisan” — a person who wholly and completely devotes their mind and spirit to the highest ideals of their work, a… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/master-artisan-shokunin/

Just Sitting

Shikantaza [Pronounced “she-khan-tah-zah”] Shikantaza means “just sitting” — and describes both a type of meditation, and the philosophical concept that the universe is exac… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/just-sitting/

Flowing Water

Ryu means “flowing water” — but it also means “style” or “school of thought” and specifically is used to styles of martial arts. In addition, it has a more significant message for… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/flowing-water/

Strong Like Bamboo

Setsu do Motsu [Pronounced “set-sue dough mah-tzu”] Setsu do Motsu means “strong like bamboo” — and provides multiple layers of understanding about how important flexibility… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/strong-bamboo/

Knowledge Without Certainty

Shiru Nashi Kakujitsu is “knowledge without certainty”, and highlights both a fundamental characteristic of how the universe reveals itself to us, and counsels against the dan… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/teen-endurance-class-july-2014/


Nen is mindfulness, the state and power of being in the “now mind.” In fact, the kanji itself is composed of two kanji — the upper portion is “now” or “this moment” and the lower … http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/teen-endurance-class-july-2014-2/

The Power of Selflessness

Mugah Muchu means “the power of selflessness”, and highlights the great satisfaction and deep happiness that is a part of being focused on helping others. Mugah Muchu (夢中無我) is… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/power-selflessness/

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

Nanakorobi Yaoki literally means “fall down seven times, get up eight times”, and is an expression of the deep and indomitable will of the karateka to continue persevering until s… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/teen-endurance-class-july-2014-2-2/

Make Magic from the Mundane

Tonbi ga taka o umu literally means “a kite giving birth to a hawk”, and is a an example of karatedo in the kan’yōku (慣用句) category: an idiomatic phrase that draws heavily on symb… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/make-magic-mundane/

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

Saru Mo Ki Kara Ochiru literally means “even monkeys fall from trees”, and is a an example of karatedo in the kan’yōku (慣用句) category: an idiomatic phrase that draws heavily on sy… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/even-monkeys-fall-trees/

Ikigai - Reason For Living

Ikigai is a four-kanji concept that literally means "reason for living." If any concept in karatedo holds the key to both happiness and a long, healthy life, it most assuredly… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/ikigai-reason-living/

Basics - Kihon

Kihon literally means “foundation” but in karatedo we use it to describe the very important concept of “basics”. Everything we do in karatedo, both on and off the dojo floor, flow… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/basics-kihon/

Deep Appreciation

Gassho means “deep appreciation” and it describes the deep joy and thankfulness that we have for everything that we do, everything we receive, and everything that we have.  Gas… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/deep-appreciation/

Duty - Giri

Giri is difficult to express in words, but its meaning is very clear. Loosely, giri means duty or obligation – specifically the obligation of one person to another.  Giri is… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/duty-giri/

The Beauty of Experience

Sabi is a key concept in Japanese aesthetics, and it is a very important lesson in the truly crucial parts of karatedo, both in and out of the dojo. Sabi is pronounced “sah-bee… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/beauty-experience-sabi/


Goju karatedo is the “style” of karate that we teach and practice at our dojo. The two characters are simple:  剛 “go” means hard, direct, straight, rigid, and powerful; 柔 “ju” mea… http://gojukarate.com/more/karatedo/goju/