Saturday, November 8, 2014: The Third Anniversary Tournament

The 2014 Anniversary Tournament

Schedule of Events

Important Note: All competitors in ANY Kids Division event should report no later than 8:45AM on Saturday, November 8, 2014 to receive their competition number and credentials. Competitors in the Adult Division should report no later than 1:00PM to receive their credentials.


8:30AM   Doors Open

8:45AM   Competitors in Kids Divisions Report
9:00AM  Tournament Opens + Sensei’s Welcome
9:10am     KATA: Junior + Pre-K  [Boys + Girls Combined]
9:30am     KATA: Youth [Boys]
9:50am     KATA: Youth [Girls]
10:10am   KATA: Teens [Girls]
10:30am   KATA: Teens [Boys]
11:00am   KUMITE: Youth [Boys]
11:15am   KUMITE: Youth [Girls]
11:30am   KUMITE: Teens [Girls]
12:30pm   KUMITE: Teens [Boys]
12:45pm   TEAM KATA [Boys + Girls]
1:00pm TAMISHAWARI (Breaking) [Teens]

1:30PM     Competitors in Adult Divisions Report
1:30PM     Tamishawari Materials Check-in
2:10pm     KATA [Men]
2:45pm     KATA [Women]
3:15pm     KUMITE [Women]
3:45pm     KUMITE [Men]
4:00pm     TAMISHAWARI (Breaking)
4:30pm     TEAM KATA [Men + Women]
5:00pm   Tournament Closes