Tournament Seminar on October 18

On Saturday, October 18th, Sensei will lead a free Tournament Seminar for students interested in competing in the Third Anniversary Tournament on November 8th.

The seminar will focus on introducing tournament rules and competition to students who either haven't competed at a tournament before, or who have questions about competing at a Goju Karate tournament. In addition, Sensei will answer questions and lead light training for students interested in kata competition and team kata competition.

The Tournament Seminar will also have a breaking (tameshiwari) session at the end for adult 4th Kyu (Green Belt) and teen 1st Kyu (Brown Belt) and 1st Dan (shonen shodan) students. Practice materials will be available and Sensei will discuss the basic theory of breaking and provide guidance to help students choose their break designs for the tournament.

The seminar will be held on the dojo floor at Noon, replacing the regularly-schedule Endurance Class.

Full information on the Third Anniversary Tournament is available in the Tournament Section on GOJUKARATE.COM