Teen Endurance Class August 25

The monthly Teen Endurance Class will be held on Monday, August 25th.

On the last Monday of every month, the Olympics Training Program class at 5PM is joined by a Teen Endurance Class from 5PM to 5:45PM

This class is open to all students, all ranks, in the Teen program (ages 11+) and will feature heavy-bag work, endurance exercises, and a variety of challenging activities all aimed at helping to increase cardio-vascular capacity and mental and physical endurance. Teen students will have the opportunity to train alongside the Goju Karate Olympic Program Team in building endurance, and in enhancing their general class training with a striking and movement workout.

Students wishing to take the class should have hand wraps and bag gloves in order to safely use the heavy-bag equipment that the class centers around. Students will be taught how to use hand wraps as well as all facets of heavy bag workouts.

This class is a great opportunity for younger Goju Karate students and gives them a chance to expand the range of training available to them.

The Teen Endurance Class has been running since July 29, 2013 and is a popular class among Teens training at the dojo.

18 August 2014