Shibu Classes Ending February 2013

After more than a year, the Goju Karate Great Circle Shibu in Mill Valley, California will be closing in February 2013, as we move all classes to the new dojo in San Rafael.

The move to the new dojo will usher in an exciting time for Goju Karate students, least of which will be the transformation of our school from a 1,000 square foot Shibu to an almost 10,000 square foot dojo.

Final Day of Classes

Sensei will teach three very special classes on the last day at the Shibu. The Children's program will have a combined class at 10AM, and then at Noon, a final class will be taught for all adults, all ranks. Children are also invited to attend the final Noon class if they wish, as we bid farewell to the training floor upon which much has been learned, and even more has been practiced.

All Shibu students will automatically be enrolled as students at the dojo and may begin training immediately. A special limited class schedule will be available at both the Shibu and the Dojo on January 15th, 2013 for all Shibu students. Dojo classes will include classes for both children and adults, and even the limited Dojo class schedule will be significantly more complete than the existing Shibu schedule -- that means more choices of times for students and more classes on Saturday!

Please see Sensei for more details before or after class.

24 December 2012