New Wednesday Classes Added

A full set of afternoon and evening classes for both adults and kids has been added to the Wednesday schedule.

For Teens, a new one hour Teen class is now available on Wednesdays at 5PM.

For Adults and Teens (teen students require prior instructor permission to attend this class), there is a rotating sequence of 45-minute Kata, Endurance, and Techniques classes at 6:15PM; note that these classes start 15 minutes earlier than the comparable rotation on Monday nights.

And finally, for Adults a new General Class for all ranks has been added at 7PM. Again, this class begins 15 minutes earlier than the comparable class on Monday evenings. (Please note that 10th Kyu white belt beginner students need instructor permission to attend this class).

The Wednesday afternoon and evening classes are available in the Class Schedule online. This means students can reserve a spot in any of the existing or new classes right now (visit the Class Schedules center to do that).

A PDF version of the schedule is also available to download here -- and for students who'd like a printed copy, please stop by the Front Desk at the dojo and ask for an updated Class Schedule.

30 May 2017