New Dojo Website

Goju Karate is pleased to announce the debut of the newly-redesigned GOJUKARATE.COM today.

The new design replaces the original website which debuted almost one year ago. While popular and effective, the previous design needed a refresh to better serve our dojo community and potential new students, so development on a new design began in May 2014.


A New Look

The main design difference is the flatter, easier-to-navigate, and easier-to-read look. One of the key design goals was to make GOJUKARATE.COM appealing visually so that the information -- especially the essays on karatedo and feature articles -- was more visually appealing and more clearly presented.


In addtition, with the growing popularity of mobile devices such as iPhone and Android devices, many website visitors are viewing it on a smaller screen. The previous design, while usable on a mobile device, wasn't optimal.

The new design that debuted today, however, is responsive to the sizes of the screen of the device upon which it is viewed. So visitors on iPhones will see a different website than visitors on desktop computers: however, the information presented is exactly the same, and the underlying website itself is also exactly the same. The only change is the "presentation" of the information.


More Rapid Updates

Another key design change is the underlying servers and software that power GOJUKARATE.COM

Over time, the older website had grown inefficient and difficult to maintain. Updating information and publishing new articles posed a significant challenge to dojo staffers and this slowed-down the pace of updates.

new-website-photo2.jpgThe new website has a much more sophisticated publishing platform that allows for rapid deployment of new content and makes it easier to publish image and video content.

Long-term, Goju Karate will make a wide range of karatedo media available on the website, including kata and ippon kumite videos and text documentation.

And Sensei plans to expand the publication of essays on all aspects of karatedo, including providing lecture notes from weekly Meditation classes on a frequent basis.

Overall, the new website design promises to help Goju Karate achieve its mission of bringing karatedo to a large and diverse community of students.

03 August 2014