Goju Student Wins at International Karate Championship

Dennis Santos, a Goju Karate student in our adult program, won first place in Team Kumite at the International Karate Championships held in Los Angeles, California this past Sunday, September 14th.

Dennis also won second place in Individual Kumite, and performed very well in the Individial Kata competition.

Goju Karate is proud of all our students, but it's especially gratifying to see the hard work, dedication, and talent of our karateka recognized by those outside our dojo, especially at very competitive tournaments such as this one.

dennis-santos-team-kumite-wins.jpgDennis is originally from El Salvador, and we was especially proud and excited to compete in the International Karate Championships because it brings together talented karateka from many Latin American countries including El Salvador, Peru, Honduras, and Mexico. The tournament, which has been running for forty-one years, is also a USA National Karate Federation event, and draws competitors from Southern California and other nearby areas to compete.

Dennis's three-man team one first place in a highly competitive Team Kumite field; his second-place victory in Individual Kumite came after many hours of training and practice; Dennis is a regular at Endurance Class on Tuesday nights and many Saturdays, and is at the dojo as often as he can be. 

Sensei and our entire dojo community congratulates Dennis Santos on his wonderful achievements!

29 September 2014