August Rank Testing

Rank Testing for adults and kids occurs this month, on Saturday August 23rd.

Rank Testing for all adults and all kids' age groups occurs every two months at the dojo. On the day of Rank Testing, all regularly-scheduled classes are suspended. However, everyone is encouraged to attend Kids Rank Testing to support all the wonderful kids in our various programs as the show-off their skills and experience, and their fighting spirit!

Kids Testing and Promotions
Kids test with their peer groups and if successful, receive their new belt or advanced stripe, and are promoted, at the end of rank testing.

Kids test in three groups:

  • Pre-K and 4-6 year olds test together, starting at about 9AM (please arrive at the dojo by 8:45AM so that students have an opportunity to change into their gi and stretch before testing).
  • Youth Group (7-11 year olds) test about 9:30AM (please also arrive by 8:45AM) Teens (11+ years old) test about 10:15AM (please arrive by 9:45AM).
  • Teens take a written test at the beginning of Rank Testing, and then do a Physical Test immediately afterwards.

Adult Rank Testing
Testing Adults test together as one group, regardless of present rank (e.g. 10th Kyu White Belts test together with senior color belts). Adult rank testing starts at Noon, and participants should arrive and be in gi by 11:45AM. Adults also have a written test (about 30 minutes in length) and then the physical portion of rank testing is about 90 minutes.

Adults who are successful receive promotion, and their new belt or stripe, when official results are announced -- typically, official results are posted at the dojo on the Friday morning after rank testing.

How to Apply

Students interested in testing for a new rank should first briefly chat with their instructor, and then complete an application (available at the front desk at the dojo). The application will be quickly reviewed and a class transcript will be provided, and then returned to the student. An application is not complete until Sensei signs the application and grants final approval. This process ensures that candidates for rank testing have the maximum chance of being successful.

The application process, and rank testing, is free: there is never any cost to test, or any cost for a new belt or stripe.

08 August 2014