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Whatever Better means to you, this is the place to study and train for it.

Strong. Smart. Focused. Balanced. Flexible. Aware. Disciplined. Responsible. Engaged. Empowered. Intense. Joyful.

This is Karate.

$100 Per Month. No Contracts. No commitments, except to yourself.

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Intense classes for hardcore students + classes for beginners just starting out Read more

Kids Classes

Classes for children of all ages -- from pre-K to Teens Read more

Special Needs

Classes for students with special learning, physical, and visual needs Read more

Olympics Program

Training U.S. athletes to compete in Karate events at future Olympic Games Read more
  • Tuition is $100 per month.


    You will never be asked to sign a contract, and you can cancel your student membership at any time.


    Unlimited Classes.


    Take as many classes as you want. There is no limit to how often you can train.


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  • Self-Defense for Women: Free Seminar [Sunday, November 17, 2013] Join us for a special two-hour free seminar held on Sunday, November 17th, that is designed especially for women. You'll learn practical self-defense and have an opportunity to practice a few simple and effective techniques.

    And besides learning techniques, we'll talk about the "mindset" of self-defense, and what it means to feel empowered and safe.

    There is no charge for this seminar, and it is open to both current Goju Karate students as well as the general public. Pre-Registration is required and will be available on our website.

    Bullying: Self-Defense for the Spirit [Spring 2014] Bullying, both in the digital world and on the street, is a rising concern among parents and caregivers. This free seminar is designed to teach self-defense for what is sometimes even more vulnerable than our bodies: our spirit.


    Practical techniques will be discussed, and short role-play periods will allow practicing them.


    This free seminar is open to both current Goju Karate students as well as the general public, and is designed for parents and caregivers (age 18+). Pre-registration is required and will be available here on our website.


Knowledge Without Certainty
19 Feb 2014 - Sensei Karatedo - Knowledge without Certainty

Shiru Nashi Kakujitsu is “knowledge without certainty”, and highlights both a fundamental charac [ ... ]

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11 Feb 2014 - Sensei Karatedo - Mindfulness - Nen

Nen is mindfulness, the state and power of being in the “now mind.” In fact, the kanji itself is [ ... ]

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The Power of Selflessness
04 Feb 2014 - Sensei Karatedo - The Power of Selflessness - Mugah Muchu

Mugah Muchu means “the power of selflessness”, and highlights the great satisfaction and deep ha [ ... ]

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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight
28 Jan 2014 - Sensei Karatedo - Nanakorobi Yaoki

Nanakorobi Yaoki literally means “fall down seven times, get up eight times”, and is an expressi [ ... ]

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19 Jan 2014 - Sensei Karatedo - ikigai

Ikigai is a four-kanji concept that literally means "reason for living." If any concept in karatedo  [ ... ]

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Starting & Ending Class: How and Why
27 Jun 2013 - Sensei Karatedo - how to start class

One of the most emblematic parts of Japanese martial arts (karatedo, aikido, judo, kendo, etc.) is t [ ... ]

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The dojo is located at 622 Lindaro Street, San Rafael, CA 94901 (right next to the Davidson Middle School complex and just a few blocks from Downtown and Fourth Street).

What We Teach

Goju Karate offers a comprehensive range of classes and training that empowers both adults and children to become better. Through hard work, thoughtful meditation, and deep commitment, students are supported in their life journey. We teach self-defense, high levels of physical fitness, and mental awareness. We seek to bring karatedo to all students, and to practice karate in our community for everyone's benefit.